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Weight loss maintenance

What would successful weight loss maintenance look like to you?

Many people think of maintenance as staying at a certain number on the scale (or between a range of numbers).

But it’s also possible to experience maintenance as continued peace and freedom around food.

Ultimately, YOU get to decide what weight loss maintenance means to you.

Ask yourself, what is it that you want to maintain?

If you want to stay at or around a certain number on the scale, maintenance might look like…

  • Feeling good in your body and having energy

  • Sleeping well

  • Having pain or other chronic issues under control

  • Enjoying comfort in your body and how your clothes fit

If experiencing lasting peace and freedom around food is important to you, maintenance might look like…

  • Being able to take or leave your favorite foods without worrying if you can control yourself around them

  • Feeling your feelings instead of eating in response to them

  • Using food for fuel – and occasional extra pleasure

  • Food or drink having an appropriate amount of importance in your life

Of course, it’s possible to experience BOTH kinds of weight loss maintenance.

The important part is for you to be clear with yourself about what it is you’re trying to create.

Then you can develop the thoughts and actions now that will effortlessly support maintenance later.

You can check out or participate in our Weight Release Program

This program is a perfect solution for you to finally join that 1% of people who lose weight and keep it off from coming back.

It’s time to feel good about your body.

Together we will blast through all excuses and find out what is really holding you back from releasing extra weight.

We will determine why you overeat in the first place and then create solutions to get you back on track for good.

Discover yourself and all your limiting beliefs which preventing you from being the best version of yourself: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Change the pattern. You are in charge of your own wellbeing.

A weekly session with support and communication on Zoom with Dr. Oksana Nimkevych for 1 month

to help us to assign you for the right program.

Here are testimonials of people who successfully completed our program.

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