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Diet is responsible for the way we think and make decisions

Have you ever thought that your diet is responsible for the way we think and make decisions

This study presents a fascinating relationship between inflammation and decision-making. Impulsivity is a significant predictor of things like substance abuse, problem gambling, and risky sexual behaviours while the ability to delay gratification plays a role in how many important life outcomes unfold, like education, financial security, social functioning, and health. Researchers found that inflammation is a predictor of impulsivity, and that it works bidirectionally in that many unhealthy decisions (smoking, drinking too much, poor food choices, decisions that cause stress and hardship) then also cause inflammation. I’m not sharing this as a scary message, but rather as one that shows we can make positive life choices to reduce inflammation (for example, eating lots of veggies, reducing stress, avoiding toxins) that can positively impact the direction of our lives.

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