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The Green Diet Detox Program

Updated: Feb 14, 2022


WHENEVER I feel lackluster, I go on a few days of Green Diet. It is a diet that consists of green food: green fruits, green vegetables, green juices, green tea and yogi tea. You can season your meal with any organic spice, organic Tamari sauce, or liquid aminos. It is a cleanse so food should be organic, whole and unprocessed and naturally green. So, that means you cannot literally pick out green M&M’s out of the bag and eat them.

This alkaline diet reduces inflammation in the body, brightens your skin, makes you feel amazing, and a great prenatal cleanse if you are trying to get pregnant. Viruses and bacteria cannot live in alkaline environment so it is a perfect way to become disease-free. It can also help you to get rid of sugar addiction.

This mono diet heals the skin, especially acne issues, abates caffeine addictions, and eases any kind of habitual irritability and anger. In Kundalini science this green diet is prescribed for 40 consecutive days. It seems restrictive but, green foods are affluent. My favorite ones are:

· Avocado

· Nori

· Green olives

· Green apples

· Green pears

· Green grapes

· Honeydew melon

· Pumpkin seeds

· Pistachios

· Hemp seeds

· Hemp milk

· Broccoli

· Cabbage

· Zucchini

· Artichokes

· Okra

· Snap peas

· mung beans

· Green beans

· Asparagus

· Kale

· Spinach

· Green lettuce

· Arugula

· Parsley

· Cilantro

· Olive oil

· Wheatgrass

· Gooseberries

I also use astrology knowledge to help me adhere to this chosen detox diet. Full moon is known as a time for releasing something that you don’t want.

Start this detox on a full moon and it will facilitate the whole process of getting rid of toxins, sugar and coffee addictions, extra weight, hormone imbalance, and fatigue.

We are happy to help you in this journey to a healthier life by offering you our Free program and some of the items from our Green Diet menu.

If you are interested to order any of the juices or green goddess bowls, please send us your email to and mention any food allergies, preexisting conditions, let us know if you are currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Organic Green Juice:

Organic Green Juice 18 oz (500ml) in a glass bottle: $15, Refill: $10 (when you bring your bottle back)- available at our store

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