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Green Detox

WHENEVER I feel lackluster, I go on a Green Detox Diet.

It is a diet that consists of green food: green fruits, green vegetables, green juices, green tea and yogi tea. You can season your meal with any organic spice, organic Tamari sauce, or liquid aminos. It’s a cleanse so food should be organic, whole and unprocessed and naturally green.

So, that means you can’t just pick out green M&M’s out of the bag and eat them.

Healthy Blood Pressure Juice: -Half a green melon -3 handfuls of spinach -1 lemon -1 bunch of basil -1 bunch of mint

It might look like a simple green juice at first but it is actually thoroughly researched and designed to maintain a healthy homeostasis in your body. The honeydew in this juice is rich in potassium which is crucial for healthy blood pressure. This blend is packed with vitamin C which is important for boosting your immune system. Oh, did I mention copper?! Both vitamin C and copper are vital contributors to collagen production and skin repair. Your skin is going to look radiant and alluring.

Enjoy its tropical sunny robust flavor with 1 gram of protein provided by spinach, a superfood known for anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-hypertensive properties. It is an excellent source of iron which is a very important element for those of you who have heavy periods.

With just a touch of a basil and mint this elixir offers a savory remedy to release stress and invite a healthy and harmonious wellbeing. Freshly squeezed juices are perfect for post surgical recovery to reduce stress post anesthesia, to correct electrolyte imbalance, it is easily absorbableprevents constipation, and increase iron levels after blood loss during surgery. Drink at room temperature or cold on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes and drink a glass of warm water to flush the toxins out of your body.

Start this detox on a full moon and it will facilitate the whole process of getting rid of toxins, sugar and coffee addictions, extra weight, hormone imbalance, and fatigue.

We are happy to help you in this journey to a healthier life by offering some of the items from our Green Diet menu. If you are interested to order any of the juices

or green goddess bowls, please send us your email( ) and mention any food allergies, preexisting conditions, let us know if you are currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

We will be happy to tailor-make this program for you.

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