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Why do we manifest faster during a Lion's Gate Portal?

The Lion's Gateway, also known as the Lion's Gate Portal, is an astrological and energetic event that occurs annually around the end of July and the beginning of August. It is a significant alignment between the Earth, the star Sirius, and the Sun in the zodiac sign of Leo.

During this time, the Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo, and the star Sirius, also known as the "Spiritual Sun," rises in the sky before the Sun. In ancient times, this celestial event was associated with the rising of Sirius and its alignment with the Sun, creating a powerful surge of energy and light.

The Lion's Gateway is believed to be a potent vortex of energy that brings about a heightened spiritual awakening and transformation. It is seen as an opportunity for individuals to connect with higher frequencies, embrace their inner strength and courage, and accelerate their spiritual growth and evolution.

Many people view the Lion's Gateway as a time to set intentions, release old patterns, and align with their soul's purpose. It is considered a beneficial time for meditation, manifestation, and accessing higher realms of consciousness.

Different spiritual traditions may interpret and celebrate the Lion's Gateway in various ways, but overall, it is seen as a time of heightened energy and spiritual significance that offers an opportunity for personal and collective growth.

It happens every year with a peak on August the 8th and facilitates the connections to higher frequencies for faster manifestations. What does your heart desire? It is time to make a wish!

We created this powerful meditation to expedite your manifesting skills. Practice it during Lion's Gate portal or whenever you feel like it.

Follow these steps to manifest your desire:

1. **Clarify Your Wish:** Take a moment to clearly define the wish you want to manifest. Be specific and focus on what you truly desire from the depths of your heart. Visualize your wish as if it has already come true, feeling the emotions and joy associated with its realization.

2. **Set Your Intention:** With your wish firmly in mind, set a strong intention for its manifestation. Declare your wish to the universe with confidence and gratitude, as if it is already on its way to you. Trust that the universe is ready to support you in manifesting your heartfelt desire.

3. **Create a Visualization:** Return to the lion's gate vortex in your mind's eye. Envision your wish as a glowing ball of light, gaining strength and intensity within the vortex. See it being infused with the cosmic energy of the universe.

4. **Feel the Emotions:** As you visualize your wish, immerse yourself in the emotions of joy, gratitude, and excitement. Feel as if your wish has already been granted and relish in the positive feelings that accompany its fulfillment. Emotions are powerful magnets for manifestation.

5. **Release Attachment:** After vividly experiencing the emotions associated with your wish, release any attachment to the outcome. Surrender the desire to control how and when your wish will manifest. Trust that the universe knows the perfect timing for its realization.

6. **Express Gratitude:** Express gratitude to the universe for granting your wish. Feel thankful for the abundance and support surrounding you. Gratitude amplifies the manifestation process and opens the way for more blessings to flow into your life.

7. **Stay Open and Receptive:** Keep your heart and mind open to unexpected opportunities and synchronicities. The universe may present you with signs or guidance to move you closer to your wish's manifestation. Trust your intuition and follow the inspired actions that come your way.

8. **Take Inspired Action:** While surrendering is essential, it's also crucial to take inspired action towards your wish. Listen to your intuition and take steps that feel aligned with your goal. Each action you take will move you closer to its realization.

9. **Practice Patience and Trust:** Remember that the manifestation process may not unfold instantly. Patience is key. Trust that the universe is working on your behalf, and your wish is being lovingly brought to fruition.

10. **Release Doubts and Negative Thoughts:** Whenever doubts or negative thoughts arise, acknowledge them but don't dwell on them. Replace them with positive affirmations that reinforce your belief in the manifestation of your wish.

11. **Affirmations:** Use affirmations to reaffirm your wish and its manifestation. Repeat positive statements aloud or silently to reinforce your belief in the process.

Continue practicing this meditation regularly, keeping your focus on your wish and the feelings associated with its fulfillment. As you nurture this process, remember that you are co-creating with the universe, and your heartfelt desires are within reach. Trust in the power of the lion's gate activation and your ability to manifest your deepest wishes and dreams.

The meditation is accompanied by Solfeggio frequencies to facilitate your healing.

The 528 Hz solfeggio frequency, also known as the "Love Frequency" or the "Miracle Tone," is believed to have various purposes and effects on the mind and body. It is often associated with positive transformation, healing, and restoring harmony. 528 Hz frequency can promote a sense of peace, love, and well-being, as well as support the repair of DNA and facilitate cellular rejuvenation. Additionally, it is said to resonate with the heart chakra, encouraging emotional balance and spiritual development. While scientific evidence supporting specific claims about the effects of the 528 Hz frequency is limited, many people find it soothing and use it as part of their meditation, relaxation, and healing practices.

Listen as many times as you want. Happy manifesting!

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