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Anti-aging Facial Elixir (Patent pending) 10 ml

Anti-aging Facial Elixir (Patent pending) 10 ml

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Our own patented formula of vitamins and essential oils with a story to tell.

The tradition of making this fresh blend of vitamins and other potent ingredients started a long time ago when one of my mother’s grateful patients shared a precise formula of antiaging elixir with her. It was a gift that my mother generously shared with me and ever since I have been making and using this formula with extra added ingredients. My mother used to tell me that patient who gave her this elixir would look like age had nothing on her. Young, plum-looking skin with a radiant glow in her 70s was attracting a lot of attention and questions. How is it possible? What is your skin regimen? What is the secret? The secret is the formula based on ancient Slavic traditions using herbs as main supportive collagen formation ingredients. I named it Lada as an ancient Slavic Goddess of Beauty and Youth. The formula has been tested with two generations and continues to grow in popularity. It is my vision and true desire to bring you the beauty of this antiaging elixir. Try it for yourself and share with others.

We are happy to offer you this elixir for a limited launching price. Take advantage of it now. Wholesale prices are available for resorts, spas and retreat places.

Best regards,
Natalya Rostovshchikova


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