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          Natalya Rostovshchikova
                        Kundalini Yoga Practitioner,RN, BSN,M.Ed 


  A little bit about myself and my zeal for a healthy life:

I have been always fascinated by the integrative medicine that takes into consideration the whole person including his or her lifestyle, nutrition, occupation, physical, mental, and psychosocial aspects. In finding a successful and permanent cure for any disease we can’t treat just the symptoms, rather we have to have an encompassing approach. Eastern medicine has that type of approach in treating illnesses but it is still struggling to find cures to a lot of conditions.

  My quest for healing-oriented therapies started with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, moxibustion, ayurvedic modalities to name a few.

  My recent endeavor and true passion became a Kundalini yoga – an ancient science that exercises our whole ten-body system.

  I am also a true believer in eating healthy. “What we eat we become”. Healing with foods and herbs is an elaborate art. I greatly enjoy cooking in Ayurvedic traditions, making my own herbal infusions, exposing my body to red and red infrared lights. I take pride in teaching Kundalini yoga at one of the local spas and in private settings, educating my friends and clients about holistic lifestyle, juicing, fasting and exercising. It became obvious that the old approach of traditional Western medicine cannot withstand the pressure of the modern world.


  This is a new time with new challenges, requirements and I believe the future direction of medicine is taking a turn to the integrative approach. I’ve always been and always will be an avid questioner and seeker, and left no stone unturned to deepen my quest for a healthier life for our humankind during these unprecedented times. 

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