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Neck pain is the most common complaint I see in my practice. It can arise from: Stress Overworking Use of cell phones and other technology An injury Repetitive motion An illness In this course you will learn tools to reduce pain and tightness in the muscles of your neck. I demonstrate step-by-step how to strengthen, stretch and alleviate tension in different muscles of your neck. Each lesson contains 1-3 minutes video with daily exercise. You start with just 1 exercise per day that we recommend to perform ~ 5 times per day. Each day you add a new exercise. After completing the course, you will have a whole routing integrated in your daily life. You can perform all exercises together and it will take ~ 20 min, or spread it out throughout the day (that is what we recommend). After finishing this course, you will have a valuable tool that you can use daily and avoid chronic pain and stress in your neck. What you'll learn: An easy and effective protocol you can use daily to prevent chronic pain. No equipment needed, most exercise can be done in your office or even in your car. How to relieve tension and pain from different muscles of the neck. The correct way to work on the neck from a licensed health care professional. Some anatomy information with photos and instruction slides. Safe guidelines on how to appropriately stretch and strengthen muscles of your neck.

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